All About The Dog Breed Boxers

The Boxer originated in Germany and was brought to the United States after World War I. Boxers are a medium sized dog that stands anywhere from twenty-one to twenty-five inches from ground to shoulder. They weigh between fifty and seventy pounds full grown.

Boxers Activity Level and Training

Boxers are a very energetic breed of dog. These dogs will require either frequent walks or a fenced in yard to run and play freely in. They will need a lot of attention from their new families. If a boxer is left alone for extended periods, they can become destructive. They crave to be apart of your family. Boxers do not fully mature until they are three years old. With that being said, they will need consist training as a puppy. They are a very headstrong dog and will need a lot of patience during the training process. When training a Boxer use as much praise as possible. These dogs to not respond to harsh training methods, this will drastically slow down the training process. The best way to train is to incorporate fun into training. The Boxer will respond the best to training when it is having fun. Once trained the Boxer will be the model dog. These dogs make great family pets. They are very gentle with children and loyal to their families.

Grooming Needs and Physical Apperance

Boxers have short shiny coats that require very little grooming. They do drool a lot and are loud snorers. Boxers do shed mostly during the spring and will require brushing even though they have short hair. They come in fawn and brindle colors with district white markings usually on the feet and nose. The white Boxer is associated with being deaf and is normally not desired among most people. Boxers regularly have a docked tail and some owner choose to crop their ears. Cropped ears are strictly up to the owner. These days more owners are opting not to crop the ears and letting them hang naturally. Boxers are not made for living outdoors. With their short hair they are very sensitive to hot and cold weather and do best in an inside home.

Boxers Health

Boxers do have some genetic health issues. Boxers can be prone to cancer, AS/SAS(heart defect), BCM( Boxer Cardiomyopathy), hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, hypothyroidism, and won Willerbrand’s Disease. To avoid your Boxer having these issues you will need to get your new family member from a reputable breeder. Make sure both parents have clearance from the health issues listed. Just like humans, Boxers can develop health issues, but that is not a reason to choose these wonderful dogs. Boxers are typically a healthy dog and have a lifespan of ten to twelve years.

Recap of The Boxer

In recap these are very energetic and playful dogs. They need a lot of attention. Boxers need exercised regularly. They do shed and drool. They have a few health problems to check for when choosing your new family member. Boxers make exceptional family pets and are very gentle with children. They have a willingness to be near and please their family. With the proper training and time these dogs will make the perfect addition to any home.